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Sing For Hope

Sing For Hope is an artist-powered, non-profit organization, that brings art to communities in need.

Every year, 50 artists decorate 50 piano's who will be brought to the parks and public spaces of all five boroughs in NYC, from June 4th till June 23rd.

Yesterday, June 3rd, the 50 piano's where unveiled at the Fosun Plaza, 28 Liberty. It was a wonderful gathering of artists, musicians, visitors, people on their lunch-break ... and music & colors everywhere!

The piano's have been created by a diverse range of NYC-artists. Not only painters and illustrators, but also f.e. the Broadway casts of Mean Girls and Jersey Boys, and the cast of the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (so looking forward to season 3!!!).

One of the piano's has been decorated by my favorite NYC illustrator, Sarah Nisbett, aka @drawnontheway. Her piano has the word 'You Are A Work Of Art', as 'A powerful message and one that is deeply needed in a moment where the world is polarized, where messages of hate and unacceptance abound.'

Sarah's statement: 'I hope that when people see a piano covered in the faces of people who were anonymous strangers — but are now translated into art – they will begin to think of themselves and others in a different light. Maybe they will see themselves as worthy of becoming a work of art — maybe the will simply stop to look around them with more interest, or compassion. The piano, in this case, becomes a reason to stop and pay attention —as well as an immediate mode of connection with others — a way to break the pattern of moving anonymously and disconnectedly through the world. As they meditate on what it means to be worthy of being seen, they can enjoy making an artistic connection by making music with others, for others, or simply for themselves.'

This year, the Sing For Hope organization unveiled the 500th unique piano artwork, making NYC host to more street pianos than any other city in the world!

Sing for Hope transforms lives by using the power of the arts to create a better world. We believe that the arts have unmatched power to uplift, unite, and heal, and that all people deserve access to them. Apart from the anual Sing For Hope Piano's, this organization also brings artists to schools and hospitals and so much more.

I'm looking forward to discovering the piano's in the NYC parks and public spaces!

I'll make sure to post photo's and videos in my Instagram Stories every time I find one.

If you want to discover the piano's yourself, you can find a map with all 50 SFH Piano's on the Sing For Hope website.

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