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Pink blossom adventures

Two weeks ago, I went on a pink adventure with Olga.

We went to see the Sakura Cherry Trees, at the TV Asahi Cherry Avenue, and they did not disappoint...

After the Berlin Wall came down, the Japanese television network TV Asahi launched a fundraise to donate Sakura cherry trees to Berlin. The 'Sakura Campaign by TV Asahi' made it possible to plant over 9.000 (!) Sakura trees along the route of the former Berlin Wall.

According to Japanese tradition, the cherry blossoms are supposed to bring peace and tranquillity to the hearts of the people, which makes a beautiful symbolic gesture.

The TV-Asahi Cherry Blossom Avenue between Teltow en Lichterfelde is the largest Blossom avenue in Berlin. The former border strip, where once the Berlin Wall stood, is during the bloom-season, transformed into a wonderful Pink Wonderland. On this path, you can find more than 1.000 Sakura Cherry trees (!), the biggest and most impressive collection of blossoms I have ever seen!

This pink wonderland was the perfect place to take pictures from Olga and her magical drawings of enchanted worlds and fantastic creatures.

Olga is born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where she studied Applied Arts. Altough she didn't like her time at the university, she did get a 50 euro monthly scholarship, for good academic results. And as there was almost no need for attendance, she used that money to hitchhiking around Europe while absorbing all the views and details as inspiration for her illustrated adventures.

This is what Olga thinks about talent and personal growth:

'I never believed in talent (at least in my case), but I believe that dedication and hard work pays off. I always get confused when asked about my inspiration or the meaning of something - I believe that the work has to speak for itself and no words are needed.

I believe in personal growth and evolution, I think one can achieve any results. I used to have a lot of insecurities about many things and I managed to overcome almost all of them making them my strong points. I love street life, basic non materialistic living, and collecting stories. I’ve been selling on the street for the last 6 years and it’s been my most valuable experience so far, almost all of my friends now are those whom I met while drawing and that’s really precious for me. '

You can find Olga's beautiful work on Instagram (@adventures_illustrated) and on

Her artworks, poster, postcards and the epic Berlin Map are for sale at the Adventures Illustrated Shop.

Olga is not only a remarkable illustrator, she's also a beautiful model.

Thank you for going on a little adventure with me!


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