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22 Things that made my year in 2022

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023!

Although 2022 felt a bit chaotic and sometimes overwhelming, I also had a lot of very bright and merry moments.

Here are 22 things that made my year in 2022 (in random order):

1 - The discovery of listening to audiobooks while driving in my car. Since februari 2022 I've 'read' 20 audiobooks, while traveling to photoshoot locations.

2 - Teaching photography classes: I love photography AND I love sharing everything I know about photography. In 2022 I've been teaching photography classes at CVO Edukempen , during the workshop Visual Poetry and during some Photowalk Workshops at Strijp-s.

3 - A girltrip in Eindhoven with Sarah-Jane, Rani, Iemke and baby Cyrieltje. During this trip we also did a fun photoshoot with beautiful Iemke.

4 - Thanks to Instagrambloggers and Moonback, I had the chance to go on a press trip to Rotterdam. Moonback and Rotterdam Info showed me Rotterdam in a completely different way, as if I got to know the city for the first time again. Despite the short time (24 hours), I've discovered many new spots.

5 - Doing volunteer work for Books 4 Life Eindhoven. Books 4 Life is a chain of second-hand bookshops, selling donated books. The stores are entirely run by volunteers, and the proceeds go to charity. I try to help a little bit by making pictures and social media content. It was so much fun to make some Books-4-Life-Bookfaces!

6 - Family project, year 2/10! We are renovating a little French cottage near the Morvan region. During the first year we broke out all the walls, floors and ceilings and in 2022 we started rebuilding. Step by step we hope to have created a place like this Pinterest board within 8 years...

7 - I've never done so many summer-shoots as during the summer of 2022! I loved all of them: crazy weddings, lots of family sessions at the beach, social media shoots for holiday homes and beautiful hidden oases , and many more... sunshine, happiness and rainbows! (and also lots of sweat, sticky sand and sunscreen... ;)).

8 - A sunny-citytrip in my own city! During the Eindoven summer trip with Tiny We did so many things in only two days time: colorful (street)art, delicious (vegan) food an lots of coffee = the perfect girls trip!

9 - Welcoming our (grand)parents in Eindhoven, to enjoy the International day at ISE (my son's school) followed by pancakes at the Philips Fruittuin.

10 - A magical sleepover in the garden of Hortus Leiden and discovering Leiden and Katwijk.

11 - Visiting friends and 'pretending' to live in NYC again for a couple of days. Visiting NYC was exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved being reunited with our friends, but I also felt very sad to not live there anymore. That's why it made me extremely happy to do some NYC Photoshoot Walks, so it felt like living and working in New York again.

12 - Staying at the Liberty Bookshop in Pennsylvania was an absolute highlight of the summer of 2022. No words can describe how much I loved staying at Linda's house. The little white church with the wonderful bookstore inside, the porch with the rocking chairs and the beautiful surroundings, felt like the setting of a storybook. Books are magic, and so is this place.

13 - More booklove in 2022, because two books I've read in 2022 made it to my 'All Time favorite list'.

14 - Bobbejaanland with my godchild!

15 - I always love doing Photoshoot Walks, but it was extra special to do a family Photoshoot Walk in Bruges with my aunt and nieces and visit the house and neighborhood where my aunt and mom grew up.

16 - Celebrating all the October-birthdays of family members in Phantasialand!

17 - Having so much fun (and coffee and wine) with friends at The Blikfabriek.

18 - In 2022 I had a very long IG-break. In previous years I published almost daily on Instagram, in 2022 I posted 'only' 33 pictures. I love IG for all the inspirational accounts and for the social character (I made a lot of friends thanks to IG), but taking Instagram out of the daily routine was a welcome relief.

19 - Visiting Berlin is always a good idea (and very easy by train). I try to revisit Berlin as much as possible, as it is still my second favorite city in the world. It's always great to have Berlin coffee with friends, doing Berlin Photoshoot Walks, roaming the streets to make some urban poetry and... pretending I still live and work there....

20 - A romantic night in Rotterdam.

22 - Visiting Doel with friends and drinking coffee in their van ... enjoying #vanlife for an afternoon!

23 - Spending some time between the mountains, was absolutely the best way to end the year.

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